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Category: Festival

Lemony fish with sauteed kale and roasted heirloom carrots

The carrots are so sweet and delicious glaced with caramelised balsamic and roasted, and the kale gets more flavour from sautéing it with shallots. So simple, but definitely makes this humble dish a bit more exciting!

  By JustGreen

Sweet Potato Tart

When I do notice the imbalance I need to surround myself with the simple things in life, look at them and realise their beauty and importance.

  By JustGreen

Thyme, pine nuts and feta muffins

These muffins are great picnic food. I would usually make this in a loaf form (and you could do that too, with the exactly same measurements), but individual portions worked better for this occasion

  By JustGreen

Walnut crusted chocolate-ricotta cups

It has been a very wet weekend here in Sydney and I must admit the rain always makes me feel a little uneasy and anxious. On the other hand I love the sound of the rain and the feeling of having to go nowhere and do nothing, but on the other hand I keep hoping for the rain to ease so I could go on my daily walks and enjoy the fresh air.

  By JustGreen

Gluten-free strawberry and wattleseed muffins

I used roasted ground wattleseed to give these muffins a little extra flavour. Wattleseed has a nice coffee-like flavour that goes really well with the ingredients used in these muffins.

  By JustGreen

Sugar-free Spiced sweet potato tarts

These spiced sweet potato tarts have used grain-free crust and topped it with spiced sweet potato purée.

  By JustGreen

Chocolate-Blueberry Pudding

This time I’ve opted for a low sugar, vegan version that uses almond milk as a base. I’ve added blueberries, stevia, a touch of rice syrup and warming spices such as cinnamon and vanilla to provide all the sweetness it needs. The result isn’t overly sweet, but certainly ticks all the boxes.

  By JustGreen

Levain Bread

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